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Cannabis Growing Webinars / Cannabis Cultivation Education with Green Carpet Growing

Learn how to improve the results you’re getting from your home grow through online cannabis education and cannabis growing webinars, presented by Green Carpet Growing in collaboration with Dark Heart Nursery in California.

In our experiential webinars, you’ll connect with growers (and their plants) from around the world, see live plant diagnoses, and interact with a dynamic and fun teacher. Green Carpet Growing’s Education Director Kat Betty is thrilled to bringing cannabis cultivation education and curriculum to growers everywhere.

$10 per person. You can get FREE ACCESS for a limited time if you send Green Carpet Growing a photo of your happy, sad, or neutral cannabis plant. For webinar information, dates, times, and to register, visit:

Each cannabis cultivation webinar will feature special giveaways from Dark Heart Nursery:

Green Carpet Growing is proud to have Kat Betty serving as Education Director. Kat combines her M.A. in Education with over 10 years of commercial cultivation experience in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is best known for her work with the All Star Jack Frost cultivar which was named “Best of the Bay” twice by The East Bay Express and featured in Culture Magazine, High Times, the SF Chronicle and Cannabis Now Magazine. Under Kat’s tutelage, you’ll quickly realize she is a dynamic advocate with a strong commitment to teaching, apprenticeship, and creating community community around cannabis education and activism, especially experiential learning.


Cannabis Education Videos

CAN-ED: Cannabis Education – Referral Program & Rewards

Can-ed offers the #1 rewards program. Just refer your friends, family and others to download the Can-ed app and create an account. If just 10 of them buy a certificate of $75 or more, you earn $500 in cash for your education, for your career or whatever you need the cash for!


Cannabis Education Videos

Identifying Maphrodites at E3C for EIT student education

we provide the learning around cannabis to students to upgrade them with highly sort after intellectual property that the new corporate companies starting in the NZ Cannabis industry need to succeed


Cannabis Education Videos

Cannabis Grow Room Build Episode #3

DISCLAIMER: Intended for Adult (18+Canada, 21+USA) Audience! Everything done on this channel associated with Cannabis is LEGAL in Canada where it is filmed and done under an ACMPR (Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes) Licence, which is registered with Health Canada. Content is intended for education, adult entertainment, health and public awareness purposes only!

Cannabis Grow Room Build Part 3 Of 3
In this episode I will install two AC Infinity Duct Fans (T8&S8) as well as the AC Infinity controller. I will go over how to properly mount, and install fans as well as how to setup the controller. I will do a final hookup on all the remaining duct work. I will also dial in the climate for my grow space and finally get my room fully operational. I will include a small video at the end of me bringing my a 12 plants into the space finally.

This is a brand new channel with lots of new content to come stay tuned!
Thank-you so much for watching, happy growing!
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Hi, I’m Jay, a private indoor Cannabis grower in Alberta, Canada. Watch me as I test new and upcoming products in ever changing world of Cannabis growing! With doing ongoing education in the Cannabis Horticulture sector, I am always eager to update my methods and products for growing.
My purpose with this channel is to educate and do reviews and non-biased comparisons on new products and strains.


Cannabis Education Videos

Cannabis Vaporizers, Grinders, etc. – Raffle Giveaways in FB Group WEED .ed (Weed Education)

Win free stuff just by being active in the group!! #gnln & products #vaporizers ,#grinders , etc. The cannabis products I personally enjoy. 🧩🤘 #behappy #weedsaveslives #getweeded (Weed Education) at FB WEED .ed @cannabistalk101 @saltyhooker @cannabisnow


Cannabis Education Videos

How to Make a Cannabis-Infused Smoothie – Easy Marijuana Smoothie

Learn how to use infused coconut oil in your very own fruit smoothie! 🍇🍊🍑🌿


1 cup blueberries
4 strawberries
1 cup raw spinach
2 tablespoons plain yoghurt
1/8 cup infused coconut oil
1 cup fruit juice

Follow along with our easy, no fuss method for this easy cannabis edible 😎

This video covers:

How to make an infused smoothie
How to make healthy cannabis edibles
How to make marijuana smoothies
How to make marijuana fruit smoothie


Cannabis Education Videos

Learning Easy Steps To Grow Cannabis For Beginners

Indorgro Canada, We are a Canadian Home Care Service Provider dedicated to get rid of chronic pain. Get Education about growing their own Cannabis for medical purposes under the Cannabis Act.
– Indorgro Canada, We are a Canadian Home Care Service Provider dedicated to get rid of chronic pain. Get Education about growing their own Cannabis for medical purposes under the Cannabis Act.

If you have decided to grow cannabis at home, but no idea how to grow cannabis? Then read on

You can thoroughly enjoy the inexpensive method of cannabis growing which grows almost in different climates, indoors or greenhouses too. The plant grows almost throughout the year.

What all you need to grow cannabis?
· Enough light
· Grow tent and fan
· Potting mix
· Pots
· Fertilizer
· Smell filter

Don’t worry all the above items can be purchased from online stores.
The grow tent helps
· Keeping the bright light intact
· Has openings to allow fresh air slide in and throw out the used air
· Doesn’t let the plant smell go outside

If you are reading a lot to gain cannabis growing education then you will come to know that cannabis needs plenty of light. The 3 different types of lights used are

· HID lamps
· CMH Lamps

Explore More about ” How to Grow Cannabis at indoor ” Visit Here:-


Cannabis Education Videos

How to Make a Test-Batch of Cannabis Oil – Test Your Tolerance for Cannabis Edibles

Learn how to make cannabis-infused oil using just 2 grams of cannabis.

2 grams of cannabis = 2,000mg

Cannabis contains 20% THC (2,000 x 20%) = 400mg

After the decarboxylation and infusion process, the cannabis will lose some of the 400mg of THC that it contains.

The final infusion will have anywhere from 200-300+ mg of THC. There are many different variables that go into making cannabis edibles, but, this cannabis oil method is perfect for those looking to test their tolerance, or, those who are trying edibles and cannabis oil for the first time.

How to Decarboxylate Cannabis:

How to Decarb Cannabis in a Mason Jar –

Traditional Cannabis Decarb –

How to Decarb Kief for Cannabis Edibles in a Mason Jar –

With this oil you can make:

Cannabis Gummies with 4 Ingredients –

Cannabis-Infused Rice Crispy Squares –

Sour Cannabis Gummies (Sour Patch Kids Edibles) –

This video contains information about;

How to make cannabis oil
How to make cannabis coconut oil
How to make cannabis oil on the stovetop


Cannabis Education Videos

Spice Up your Valentine's Day with Cannabis! | Tikun Olam California

Molly Peckler from Highly Devoted gives us three (3) tips on how to use cannabis to spice up your Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day
Happy Valentine’s Day
Mary Jane
Cannabis Education


Cannabis Education Videos

Cannabis education scholarships awarded to six Holyoke students

The Cannabis Education Center announced Wednesday the awarding of six scholarships to students enrolled in its cannabis culinary assistant training program.