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What Are Trichomes? Cannabis Educational Video – Cannapiece Group Inc

Have you ever looked closely at your cannabis bud and noticed small, crystals all over them?

These are called trichomes. The word trichrome comes from the greek word “trichoma” meaning hair. Think of these not as hairs but rather as microscopic crystals that cover the buds and leaves of the cannabis plant.

They serve as the plants resin glands and produce a potent cannabis concentrate prized by connoisseurs, called kief.

Since trichomes serve as the resin glands, they house the popular compounds that have become recognizable in cannabis. Infamous cannabinoids such as THC and CBD are made inside trichomes and start to form there as the cannabis plant begins to flower.

Terpenes, the organic compounds that give a cannabis plant it’s specific smell and flavour, are also created here.

As trichomes develop over time, they begin to change colour. These colours can range from clear to white, or amber to brown, and the colour of trichomes is sometimes used by cannabis growers to determine when it is time to harvest.

There are three types of trichomes that a cannabis plant can have:

The first are bulbous trichomes, these trichomes are the smallest therefore they are very hard to see with the naked eye

The second are capitate-sessile trichomes, these trichomes are medium sized and are found in larger quantities on the plant

The third are capitate-stalked trichomes. These are the largest, longest type of trichome and will give you the most effects.

These trichomes emerge during flowering and produce the largest amount of cannabis compounds like THC.

Trichomes are not unique to cannabis, they can be found on other plants too, but for the cannabis plant, trichomes act as a defense

Because of the terpenes they create and the bitter taste they hold, trichomes protect the plant from predators that would try to use the plant for food.

Both protector and producer, trichomes are one of the most crucial part of the cannabis plant

Since trichomes are where cannabinoids and other compounds are made, they have a significant hand in producing the psychoactive effects that cannabis is known for

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Cannabis Education Videos


In this video, I talk about trichomes on cannabis plants. I also talk about using the trichomes to know when to harvest marijuana. If you enjoyed this video please click that thumbs up button 🙂

This gardening video is for educational and/or documentary purposes and isn’t designed to help or encourage others to imitate.

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Cannabis Education Videos

Trichomes: Cannabis Education Experiment Day 10

All Photography: @marihuanamike
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Of the dozens of trichomes found in the plant kingdom, six are commonly found on cannabis.
Non-Glandular: Unicellular and Cystolythic
Glandular: Simple Bulbous, Complex Bulbous, Capitate-Sessile, Capitate-Stalked
The most important trichome is the capitate-stalked, as it contains the most abundant amounts cannabinoids and terpenes.
Trichomes have nothing to do with the pollination of female flowers, their sole purpose is to protect the plant from insects, herbivores, and environmental stressors.
Next week @trichome_institute is judging all the products for the @dopemagazine Cannabis Cup in Seattle, so @max_montrose and I will be doing a bunch of videos on @interpening! Stay tuned!
August 19th in the next Level One Interpening course in Seattle! Trichome has all the details!


Cannabis Education Videos

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