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How to Make a Test-Batch of Cannabis Oil – Test Your Tolerance for Cannabis Edibles

Learn how to make cannabis-infused oil using just 2 grams of cannabis.

2 grams of cannabis = 2,000mg

Cannabis contains 20% THC (2,000 x 20%) = 400mg

After the decarboxylation and infusion process, the cannabis will lose some of the 400mg of THC that it contains.

The final infusion will have anywhere from 200-300+ mg of THC. There are many different variables that go into making cannabis edibles, but, this cannabis oil method is perfect for those looking to test their tolerance, or, those who are trying edibles and cannabis oil for the first time.

How to Decarboxylate Cannabis:

How to Decarb Cannabis in a Mason Jar –

Traditional Cannabis Decarb –

How to Decarb Kief for Cannabis Edibles in a Mason Jar –

With this oil you can make:

Cannabis Gummies with 4 Ingredients –

Cannabis-Infused Rice Crispy Squares –

Sour Cannabis Gummies (Sour Patch Kids Edibles) –

This video contains information about;

How to make cannabis oil
How to make cannabis coconut oil
How to make cannabis oil on the stovetop


Cannabis Education Videos

Craft Cannabis TV :The Jhb Cannabis Expo 2019 – Dr. Shiksha Gallow Doctor at Cannabis Oil Research.

Dr Gallow is our head researcher and head Doctor at Cannabis Oil Research. She has vast academic qualifications in both the medical sector, public health and strategic management. Dr Gallow is registered with the HPCSA in Clinical Pathology as a Medical Scientist. She is also a registered Professional Natural Scientist with the SACNASP. Additionally, Dr Gallow is registered as an Ethnomedicine Medical Practioner with EPASA and is also a registered Dr with the ANHA.

She holds a Masters Degree in Medical Science (MMedSci), a Masters in Public Health (MPH), Masters in Business Admin (MBA), and a PHD. She is currently completing a second PHD in the health profession. Furthermore, she completed her Clinical Pathology medical board exam Cum Laude (the most distinguished in the country of South Africa at the time). She has also completed a Medical Cannabis accredited course with the University of Washington, for Doctors. The Universities she obtained her degrees include, Durban University, University of Roehampton UK, Open University UK, University of Washington, UNISA and the MBA was affiliated with HARVARD University. To add to her educational profile Dr Gallow is also a qualified trainer and assessor with SETA and ETDP SAQA, as well as a Prince 2 Practioner registered with APMG. Lastly Dr Gallow has completed the Dispensing of Medicines Diploma and is registered with the DOH.

Her successes started in Clinical Pathology as the Regional Manager of Ampath Drs Du Buisson & Partners. Here her role was to advise Clinicians on pathology results, interpretation and further diagnostic tests. She was responsible for the quality management and accreditation of the Ampath laboratories. She was then the Chief Operations Officer at Clinical Lab Services which is a division of the Wits University. Here, she was involved in many reputable clinical trials, such as the HIV vaccine study (IAVI), FACTS study, PreP study, IMPAACT, as well as the H3 Africa Biorepository study to name a few. She has been involved with and received funding from the NIH, USAID, PEPFAR, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for the clinical trial research projects. Dr Gallow has vast experience in ensuring a facility obtains and retains accreditation and certification and complies with required accreditation quality standards and legislation. She has been involved in ISO 17025 and 15189 standards, British Qualogy GCLP, FHI DAIDS, OHS Health and Safety, and FDA inspections.

Dr Gallow works closely with Cannabis Oil Research and the rest of the senior team. Their combined expertise ensures only the best medical grade quality products and treatment of patients. Dr Gallow guides patients through their protocol and is able to assist with the weaning off of any unnecessary medication. Dr Gallow is also able to conduct pathology tests on all of the Cannabis Oil Research patients countrywide if required, and then monitor improvements on treatment. Lastly, Dr Gallow will be heading up training of all doctors and medical professionals on effective medical cannabis and treatments using a scientific perspective.


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Indoor Cannabis Grow Update: Training and Neem Oil

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Cannabis Education Videos

How to Make Cannabis Oil in a Mason Jar – Easy Cannabis Oil

Learn how to make your own cannabis oil inside a mason jar with this simple method🌿🌿🌿

Cannabis oil is a convenient way to ingest THC for medicinal patients and recreational users.

How to Decarboxylate in a Mason Jar:

What is The Endocannabinoid System:

What are cannabinoids:

Make your own cannabis oil with our easy video tutorial. How to make cannabis oil in a mason jar.

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How to Make Cannabis Coconut Oil Without a Crock Pot – Easy Cannabis Coconut Oil

Learn how to make cannabis coconut oil without a crock pot / slow cooker.

This method is ideal for making cannabis coconut oil at home.

Cannabis Gummies Using Cannabis Coconut Oil:

How to decarboxylate cannabis in a mason jar:

Easiest decarboxylation method:

Easy cannabis coconut oil method. Cannabis coconut oil recipe.


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Cannabis Oil Extended My Dog's Life! RIP Embro

I put my dog down this past June; my best friend of nearly 12 years. He was a beautiful loving rottweiler and he died of old age & cancer. The last half of this video is dedicated in memory of my dog. RIP Embro

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Cannabis Education with Nugzly – Episode 2: Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)

Hi all👋 In this video we are talking about Rick Simpson Oil or RSO. This is full spectrum extracted cannabis oil that has helped many, many people with many different ailments. Please go and watch Run From The Cure available on YouTube, or just simply search Rick Simpson Oil. I am in no way a medical professional at all but the evidence and personal stories and experiences are overwhelming☺️Please comment and give feedback or your own personal experience with Rick Simpson Oil. Thank you for watching. Hope that you have an awesome and positive day☺️✌️


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How Can Whole-Plant CBD Oil and FDA-Approved Epidiolex Reduce Seizures?

One of the biggest roadblocks to treating any condition with cannabis medicine is restricted access. Even individuals with medical marijuana cards and approved conditions can still have trouble obtaining the treatment they seek due to haphazard state laws and a lack of federal regulation.

On June 25, 2018, the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first medication made of a cannabis-derived ingredient to treat severe forms of epilepsy.

Research Overview

Several key studies led to federal approval of Epidiolex as a legal, obtainable treatment option for people suffering from severe forms of epilepsy including Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, both of which cause frequent and dramatic seizures in children.

However, Epidiolex is just one potential cannabis-based treatment for epilepsy, and other studies have examined how whole-plant cannabidiol (CBD) oil may work better as the treatment does not trigger side effects that some patients have experienced with Epidiolex, such as diarrhea.

The Studies

Cannabinoids in the treatment of epilepsy: Hard evidence at last?” is a 2017 study published in the Journal of Epilepsy Research that answered the question with optimistic findings. Researchers found that patients with Dravet and Lennox-Gastaut syndromes responded well to CBD treatment with a decrease in epileptic seizures observed in significantly more patients in the control groups than in the placebo groups.

Emilio Perucca, the author of the study, wrote: “These are exciting times for research in cannabinoids. After almost four millennia of their documented medical use in the treatment of seizure disorders, we are very close to obtaining conclusive evidence of their efficacy in some severe epilepsy syndromes. The era of evidence-based prescription of a cannabis product is within our sight.”

Perucca’s crystal ball was accurate, as Epidiolex received FDA approval the following year. That same year, a 2018 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine focused on Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and patients whose seizures had been unresponsive to their prescribed anti-epileptic medications. When treated with 20 milligrams of CBD, nearly 42 percent experienced a reduction in seizures, while 10 milligrams of CBD lessened seizures in 37 percent of individuals. Similar to the results of the 2017 study, the placebo group patients experienced lower levels of seizure reductions than the control group.

But Epidiolex is not a one-size-fits-all treatment, and some patients have reported adverse effects. A 2015 study of single compound vs. whole-plant CBD could provide some insight as to why Epidiolex can be problematic. Epidiolex is made from isolated, single-molecule CBD, while CBD oils are made of whole plant cannabinoids. Researchers found that the whole plant model is more effective than single-molecule CBD.

The Israeli team of researchers who conducted the study stated: “A lot of research has been made to isolate and characterize isolated single constituents of traditional herbal medicine to find their rationale for therapeutic uses. However, our data together with those of others provide legitimation to introduce a new generation of phytopharmaceuticals to treat diseases…”

Specific to treating epilepsy, a 2018 study published in the journal Epilepsy Behavior showed how whole-plant CBD oil has been associated with reduced epileptic seizures in pediatric patients, with 10% becoming completely seizure-free. As sedation was the most common side effect reported in less than 4% of study participants, researchers determined that CBD oil can reduce seizures with minimal adverse effects.

Patient Perspectives

At one time, Armand Sahyoun’s epileptic seizures were so dangerous that he could not cross the street or use the stairs. Armand’s mother, Beth, shared with Weedmaps News how she had even been contemplating brain surgery for her son to stop his seizures. But then they discovered whole-plant CBD oil and such a drastic measure was no longer necessary.

Today, 24-year-old Armand, who also was diagnosed with autism, has experienced a complete turnaround as he uses CBD oil under the treatment of Dr. Bonni Goldstein, medical director of Canna-Centers in Lawndale, California.

“Armand is doing things now that we did not think were possible. He is quite an athlete and very active in Special Olympics,” Beth Sayhoun stated in an email interview with Weedmaps News. “His quality of life with CBD is dramatically improved.”

While CBD helps with Armand’s physical symptoms, THC has boosted his mood and morale. Beth Sayhoun explained, “The seizure pharmaceuticals made Armand’s moodiness and anxiety much worse. He was a very morose person, and tended to be depressed and very tired. The THC has definitely helped with these issues. He started at about 4 milligrams per pay, and is now up to 10 milligrams per day. He does not appear ‘stoned’ at all, but his mood is lighter, and he seems to be happier.”

As his cannabis dosage increases, Armand has been weaning off the seizure medications that made him depressed. Beth Sayhoun stated, “It takes time and tenacity. We are so much more comfortable with Armand using a plant-based medicine over an Rx.”

For other patients, Epidiolex has been the answer. Molly Hendershot has suffered from epileptic seizures since she was four months old, according to her mother, Allison, who was interviewed on CBS News in 2018. Now 13, Molly swallows Epidiolex in the palatable form of a strawberry-flavored syrup to manage her seizures. Before Epidiolex, the Rochester, New York-based family was considering relocation to Colorado to have legal access to marijuana.

Ultimately, Molly’s mother was glad to stay put and have the FDA-approved medicine as a choice: “I preferred this to some of those other options because it’s a commercial product that has gone through rigorous testing,” Allison told CBS News.

What the Experts Say

Will the FDA approve other cannabis-based drugs in the future?

The possibility is strong, as FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb stated in the 2018 press release for Epidiolex: “We’ll continue to support rigorous scientific research on the potential medical uses of marijuana-derived products and work with product developers who are interested in bringing patients safe and effective, high-quality products.”

For now, physicians treating patients with epilepsy have one FDA-approved treatment and a spectrum of whole-plant CBD oils to choose from. Many of the patients who have experienced positive outcomes with whole plant CBD oil were resistant to other forms of treatment, Goldstein shared.

Regarding her patients, Goldstein told Weedmaps News: “The majority have some beneficial response with no negative side effects. The advantage over Epidiolex is that many of the other compounds in CBD-rich cannabis are also anti-convulsant and may help to decrease seizures.”

Through Epidiolex or whole-plant CBD oil, cannabis seems to be an effective solution for some epilepsy patients.

The Bottom Line

With an FDA-approved medication and whole-plant CBD oils already on the market, cannabis has proven effective in reducing seizures and therefore improving the quality of life of patients coping with rare forms of epilepsy.

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Hemp CBD Oil Education: How to read the label

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