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Cannabis Legalization has been found to decrease opioid deaths in the United States


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The Number of People Who Abuse Weed is Decreasing. Legalization May Be Responsible.

Contrary to the expectations of public health experts, the rate of frequent marijuana consumers who are diagnosed with cannabis use disorder (CUD) is not increasing, a new study reports. In fact, it’s actually decreasing, and that may be due to the growing number of states that have legalized access to marijuana.

According to the paper, “CUD prevalence decreased significantly across all ages reporting daily/almost daily cannabis use between 2002-2016. Cannabis dependence prevalence decreased for adolescents and young adults and was stable only among adults ages 26+ reporting daily/almost daily cannabis use.”

Recent studies have had mixed results on the prevalence of CUD — a diagnosis that includes either misuse and/or dependence — in the last two decades. Because people who consume marijuana every day or almost every day are the most at risk for problematic use, researchers at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health set out to get a better understanding of this group’s general health.

Their findings were published last month in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence.

The study’s authors used data from the National Surveys on Drug Use and Health for the years 2002-2016. The final sample, totaling 22,651 people, included participants who were 12 and older and reported using marijuana at least 300 days in the past year.

To measure problematic marijuana use, the authors used criteria from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition, for cannabis dependence and cannabis abuse, such as:

  • • Spent a great deal of time over a period of a month obtaining, using, or getting over the effects of marijuana
  • • Unable to keep set limits
  • • Unable to cut down cannabis use
  • • Recurrent use resulting in failure to fulfill major role obligations
  • • Continued use despite persistent or recurrent social or interpersonal problems

Other factors considered in the research asked whether participants had a perceived need for mental health treatment, whether a doctor had indicated they had other health issues and whether or not they’d driven under the influence of illegal drugs with and without alcohol.

Over the study period, the authors found that the prevalence of CUD decreased among their sample in all age groups: For adolescents ages 12 to 17, the rate fell by 26.8%; for 18- to 25-year-olds, by 29.7%; and for adults 26 and older, by 37.5%.

“Among those with past-year daily/almost daily cannabis use, there were reductions in the prevalence of DSM-IV cannabis abuse across all age groups, with reductions observed for all individual abuse items in adolescents and young adults,” the study states. “There were also reductions in the prevalence of DSM-IV cannabis dependence among adolescents and young adults, but not in adults ages 26+. Reductions in most DSM-IV dependence items were observed in young adults while reductions in only a few dependence items were found for adolescents and older adults.”

Marijuana legalization may be responsible for declining rates. 

Researchers offer several possible explanations for the declining rates, many of which point to the influence of legalization. “First, the new national cannabis policy environment, with 33 states legalizing medical use and 10 states allowing recreational use of cannabis may have played a role in reducing stigma and perceptions of risk associated with cannabis use,” Silvia Martins, one of the study’s authors, said in a statement. “Secondly, increasing legalization may also be associated with changes in social attitudes resulting in fewer conflicts with relatives and friends around cannabis use.”

As a result, according to the paper, “[t]his could explain reductions in the abuse item ‘Continued use despite persistent or recurrent social or interpersonal problems,’ which reflects difficulties in interactions with others due to cannabis use.”

It’s also possible that “a sector of the population that is healthier overall” is starting to use marijuana more because of legal access, which “may have diluted the prevalence of cannabis abuse/dependence over time.” They may use “less potent” cannabis or in lower daily amounts, researchers note. Additionally, more people may feel less afraid to admit on a federal survey that they use marijuana frequently.

Ultimately, Martins said, the study’s results “contradict the predominating hypothesis that the prevalence of DSM-IV CUD would be stable, or increase, among those using with this regularity.”

Feature image by Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

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Illinois law enforcement training for marijuana legalization


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Latest NY Cannabis bill 2019, now 4 proposed Marijuana Legalization differences

Music (Intro/Outro) by Alais Clay, song Perfect Timing…link:

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NY Cannabis Update April 2019 ~ Cannabis did not get into 2019 State Budget as proposed by governor. Medical Cannabis Program is BROKEN without access to real plant medicine. Wellness Hero shares the latest in the legalization process in New York State, as a delay in the adult use of Cannabis… LINKS to article seen in video:

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Legalization of Marijuana

Legalization of Marijuana: Considerations for staffing companies
To learn more watch the video and download our Educational PDF.

The legalization of marijuana, whether for medical or recreational uses, is causing anxiety among many U.S. businesses.

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Magic Mushrooms, Cannabis Federal Legalization, and Sobriety

Yo cannabis lovers, welcome to the Bongcast! A podcast about people in cannabis.

I had the privilege of sitting down with Ophelia Chong. She is a cannabis entrepreneur, photography teacher, creative director, graphic designer, the founder of Stock Pot Images, a cofounder of the non-profit Asian Americans for Cannabis Education, and the Executive Creative Director for Aura Ventures. We shared some delightful conversations surrounding topics like cannabis federal legalization, magic mushrooms, and sobriety.

Thanks for listening to myself and Ophelia.

Hosted by Matt Meredith.

Produced by Cottonmouth Media.

This is the first podcast produced by Cottonmouth Media with an inside look to the people working in and around the cannabis industry.

Season 1, Episode 5 available NOW on Anchor!

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Journalist and Cannabis Education Advocate Tauhid Chappell Explains Why Legalization is Important

Tauhid Chappell is a member of the Black Journalists Association here in Philadelphia. He went from the Washington Post to his new position at the Philadelphia Inquirer. He is leveraging his influence to spread the education of legalization. Hear why he is passionate about his mission.


Cannabis Education Videos

Legalization of Marijuana: Challenges Facing College Campuses

In this webinar, Ryan Snow, M.Ed., a police officer for the University of Illinois Police Department and founder and lead instructor of Prevention Leaders, Inc., discusses the legalization of marijuana and the current challenges facing institutions of higher education. This presentation explores the changing landscape of college and university campuses as a result of the legalization of cannabis, both medicinal and recreational. Ryan examines the issues surrounding prevention, education, and enforcement that are troubling campus administrations and police departments across the nation, and explains data that has been released from states where cannabis has been legalized. This webinar explores why cannabis laws are impacting campuses, even if they are in a state that has not passed a form of legalized cannabis.


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Cannabis Education After Michigan Marijuana Recreational Legalization (What YOU Should Know)

This is an educational overview by Holistic Physical Therapist, Dr. Shony on the Cannabis plant, the differences of cannabis Sativa and Indica, the difference of CBD and THC, the entourage effect, and the different types of administration of cannabis including oral, inhalation, and topical dosage (Due to the recent recreational legalization in Michigan of the Cannabis plant). The SLR Method has developed a proprietary cannabis cocktail of a 3 way administration method of decompressing the spine to allow for proper realignment.

*I’m continuing to improve my speaking skills and you’ll notice I say molecule when i meant to say cannabis, etc.
#backpain #decompression #lowbackpain 
The SLR Method is a proprietary method of healing created by Dr. Shony Reuven (Holistic Physical Therapist) aimed at eliminating physical, spiritual, and emotional suffering. After years of abusing his body with falls from action sports and living an active lifestyle, he was able to correct his spine and put himself back into alignment with years of experimentation with progressive healing methodologies. His symptoms included: numbness, tingling, and nerve pain in the toes, tingling into the testicles, sharp pains in the groin, inability to stand for long periods of time. This was all caused by too much compression of the spine due to Shony’s L5-S1 Grade 1-2 Spondylolisthesis. Follow along for this exciting journey as it helps lives all across the planet.

Instagram: @ShonyReuven


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Concerns with marijuana legalization In-Depth Analysis Current Affairs 2019

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