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Jack's 3-2-1 Best Nutrients for Cannabis Grow. Simple Steps Indoor Education 2020 Week 6 Flower

#cannabis #nutrients #Jack’s cannabis grow nutrients are very important all throughout the grow. Keep it simple and at low cost with Jack’s


Cannabis Education Videos

Vaporizing vs Combusting Cannabis Flower

Jegason Phosphorus Diviant, PhD student, describes the cost-benefit tradeoffs of vaporizing and combusting medical Cannabis. Please visit us at the University of New Mexico Medical Cannabis Research Fund.


Cannabis Training Videos

Training My Gorilla Glue #4 For Start Of Flower AGAIN!. 10 Week Veg @Green Flower

Let’s try this again.. Using The Kyle Kushman’s “Chiropractic” Plant Training Method To Get this 10 week old Monster ready to flip.

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Cannabis Education Videos

EPISODE #34 The Challenges of Cannabis Education with Max Simon, CEO at Green Flower Media

What training does the new cannabis workforce need to succeed?

This week we welcome Max Simon to the show, who is the founder and CEO of Green Flower Media, a cannabis education platform based from California. We’re super excited to have Max on the show! In this episode, we discuss cannabis and education – exploring the barriers faced when educating about the plant, how important it is to understand how to use cannabis properly, and Green Flower Media’s plans for the future. 

Max left us with some incredible quotes, so do check out the show notes here:

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Episode Summary

• Max has been a cannabis patient in California for decades and uses it to control his ADD. He is an advocate for the benefits of the plant.
• In the early 2000’s, Max came across a unique opportunity to work with Deepak Chopra, developing the products side of his business where he created around 50 products, worked on his digital strategy, online channels and developed his brand. He reached hundreds of millions of people through online and offline methods. 
• This gave him the opportunity to bring an idea (mind body principles and meditation) to the masses which was previously misunderstood and not necessarily backed by science. 
• Max sees cannabis in the same way, and draws parallels between the two experiences.
• One of the reasons that cannabis has become so popular is that the benefits have continued to gain momentum and traction as an effective tool for pain, sleep, anxiety, depression, and stress.
• Secondly, cannabis is starting to become preferable over alcohol due to its positive properties. Alcohol only has one delivery method (drinking), it has been shown to cause health problems, addictions and it is a neurotoxin. Whereas cannabis  can be consumed in multiple ways, has neuro protective qualities, can be used both socially and medically.
• Green Flower Media serves a number of audiences with different cannabis education products including a streaming subscription service, and an online training platform for different sectors of the space including medical application trainings and cultivation trainings.
• Max is incredibly fascinated by the health and wellness benefits which cannabis brings and believes that a lot of the world is suffering due to stress, lack of purpose or pain. He believes that these ailments can be ‘almost entirely’ solved by cannabis once how to use it properly is understood. 
• The Green Flower Academy’s biggest success stories come from people who have come into the cannabis industry from other professions. Their sector specific learning facilitates this.
• The Green Flower Academy are also working with colleges in the USA to power cannabis curriculums around the topics of law and horticulture which will launch in 2020.
• Due to the different ways in which cannabis markets have developed throughout the world, Max estimates that 80% of Gree


Cannabis Training Videos

Start of flower 12/12 cannabis. Training filling the scrog nets for bigger yield, moor top head

The start of 12/12 it’s all down hill from here. I’ll be trimming of any think under the nets in week 3, flower so all the energy can be directed to the top heads above the nets to get bigger better buds.
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Cannabis Education Videos

The Core Knowledge Every Cannabis Budtender Should Know / Max Montrose / Green Flower

Outlining the essential information all budtenders should possess when interfacing with a wide spectrum of clientele – from medical patients to adult-use consumers – Trichome Institute’s Max Montrose makes the case for more comprehensive cannabis education and training in the retail sector.

As an example, he breaks down the process of how cannabis edibles work and are processed in the body – information that is often unclear or unknown to many budtenders and consumers, and as a consequence, results in unpleasant cannabis experiences.

During this Green Flower cannabis summit presentation, he also gives an unflinching state-of-the-industry assessment of the shortcomings in cannabis knowledge and education, plus criteria of what to look for when seeking high-quality cannabis educational programs.

To learn more about cannabis education for yourself and/or your staff in cannabis fundamentals, compliance & regulations, patient care and more, check out


Cannabis Training Videos

2019 Outdoor/Indoor Ghetto Grow: Week 2 Marijuana (Cannabis) In Flower, Healthy•Organic•No Chemicals

FOLLOW 2019 Outdoor Ghetto Grow: Week 2 Marijuana (Cannabis) In Flower Stage • Flowering Stage, Healthy • Organic • No Chemicals [ 2019 – 2020 ]

My First Time / Year Making A Documentary with iPhone 7 Video Recording/Vlogging “The Life Cycle Of Marijuana” & It’s Different Grow Stages From (Seed To Vegetation To Flowering To Harvest) for the [ #2019 / #2020 ] Season; Growing Strong Naturally Healthy Organic Cannabis Plants ( Indoor • Outdoor ) which makes a Time Lapse. Started with a Closet Grow for 2 Weeks, Next; Transplanted into Pots for 2 Weeks, Then Planted In Soil with All Natural SunLight, Natural Rain Water, Natural Nutrients & No Chemical’s. Also 3 different Kush Strains. Cheap Grow under $100 for Beginners; from “Seed to Harvest (Start To Finish)” with Some Ghetto Educational at “Home Weed Grower Guide’s” (Instruction Tutorials, Training Methods, Tips & Tricks); You Can Learn In Less Than 10 Minutes To Get Big Buds, Huge Colas, THC Potency, Trichomes Production, An Even Canopy, Trimming To Increase Yields, Pruning, Cloning, Super Cropping, Topping, Lolly Popping, (LST) Low Stress Training, Branch Bending, Wet Trimming vs. Dry Trimming, Hang Drcsrsrying, Curing, How Long To Veg, How Long To Flower, Increase Plant Growth, Thicker Stalks, Control Bugs & Pest, When To Harvest, How Long To Cure, Extract CBD For Medical Marijuana, Making Edibles • Cannabis Oil • Tea & Canna-Butter using (Fan Leaves • Stems • Small Buds • Leaf Trimmings) At The Largest Homegrown Cannabis Garden In The World “Backyard Farm’s”. The King Of Cannabis with Only 3 Plant’s & 3 Different Strain’s is Ready to Smoke Weed That’s Natural, Plus I Know I Can Trust, As Far As [ Plant Wise • In My Own Home Comfort ], While Laid Back doing Research about Investing Into Marijuana Stock’s.

🔹 “This Content • Video, Is A Legal Personal Grow Under The ”Michigan Medical Marijuana State Law”, That Demonstrates My Way Of Growing Cannabis Is For #Educational • #Recreational • #Personal Use Only. Also Michigan Residents Are Legally Able To Grow Up To * 12 • Twelve Plants * Per Household & Carry Up To * 2 • Two Ounces * Without It Being Bagged Up”. 🔹


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Cannabis Training Videos

Cannabis Super-Cropping: Kyle Kushman's "Chiropractic" Plant Training Method / Green Flower

Introducing his famous “chiropractic” technique, award-winning cannabis cultivator and breeder Kyle Kushman demonstrates the proper way to pinch, prune and “crack” your cannabis plants’ branches, nodes and stems to increase canopy and yield.

Also in this comprehensive look at how to “supercrop,” trim and train your cannabis, Kyle will show you step-by-step, what to clip, how much and when.

But wait… there’s more! Don’t throw away your trimmings. Kyle will show you what to do with the leftover cannabis clippings and leaves, from creating clones to juicing.

To learn even more in-depth expert cannabis cultivation tips and techniques, directly from respected names like Kyle Kushman, Kevin Jodrey, Mel Frank and more, check out Green Flower’s latest Cannabis Cultivation Certificate Course, now open for a limited time at


Cannabis Education Videos

Cannabis Education at Your Fingertips: Expert-Led, Industry Endorsed / Green Flower Certificates

Unparallelled Experts.
Unprecedented Access.
Undeniable Impact.

Introducing six new paths to success in cannabis.

Green Flower – the global leader in trusted cannabis education – is excited to announce that enrollment for the next session of our popular Cannabis Certificate Programs is now open for a limited time.

Whether you’re looking to enter the exciting, expanding cannabis field, or elevate your cannabis skills and knowledge to the next level, Green Flower has created a series of powerful new paths to take you there.

Led by preeminent experts in the cannabis industry and endorsed by its top brands, you can now choose from Certificate Programs in:

Learn cannabis essentials to establish a solid base of knowledge that will take you anywhere in the cannabis sector.

From seed to sale, craft farm to industrial scale, learn the latest growing, curing and processing tips & techniques from the most respected names in cannabis cultivation.

Develop the skills and knowledge to bring clarity, confidence, and competence to helping others benefit from the therapeutic power of cannabis.

Ensure the longevity and success of your business by learning to stay compliant and competitive, while getting your team aligned and ahead of the curve when it comes to selling cannabis in today’s highly regulated market.

Created by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals, this Certificate is designed to deepen your cannabis medical knowledge, empower you to field cannabis health questions, and help you better serve the patients in your care.

When full legalization occurs, you’ll want to be ready. This Certificate Program will help you understand cannabis laws and regulations relating to Federal, State, and local compliance, licensing, taxes, banking, environmental laws, intellectual property, real estate, and more, taught by leading cannabis lawyers and specialists.

Strengthen your knowledge, step out ahead of the curve, and secure your spot in this rapidly evolving global industry.

From students to CEOs, discover why people across the cannabis spectrum (and around the world) are realizing the relevance, convenience and value of our 100% online Cannabis Certificate Programs to pursuing a promising future in the cannabis industry.

Imagine what it could do for you.

Educate Yourself
Empower Others
Eradicate Stigma
Elevate the Industry
Ensure Your Future



Cannabis Training Videos

Training Your Cannabis Plants: Expert Techniques / Mel Frank's Private Garden / Green Flower

Get a never-before-seen look at legendary grower Mel Frank’s private garden as he and Green Flower’s Derek Gilman discuss and demonstrate his personal training techniques for cannabis plants to control height, light exposure, cola size and yield as well as mitigate mold and pests.

To learn more expert cannabis cultivation tips and techniques from the most respected names in the cannabis industry, visit