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Cannabis Grow Room Build Episode #3

DISCLAIMER: Intended for Adult (18+Canada, 21+USA) Audience! Everything done on this channel associated with Cannabis is LEGAL in Canada where it is filmed and done under an ACMPR (Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes) Licence, which is registered with Health Canada. Content is intended for education, adult entertainment, health and public awareness purposes only!

Cannabis Grow Room Build Part 3 Of 3
In this episode I will install two AC Infinity Duct Fans (T8&S8) as well as the AC Infinity controller. I will go over how to properly mount, and install fans as well as how to setup the controller. I will do a final hookup on all the remaining duct work. I will also dial in the climate for my grow space and finally get my room fully operational. I will include a small video at the end of me bringing my a 12 plants into the space finally.

This is a brand new channel with lots of new content to come stay tuned!
Thank-you so much for watching, happy growing!
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Hi, I’m Jay, a private indoor Cannabis grower in Alberta, Canada. Watch me as I test new and upcoming products in ever changing world of Cannabis growing! With doing ongoing education in the Cannabis Horticulture sector, I am always eager to update my methods and products for growing.
My purpose with this channel is to educate and do reviews and non-biased comparisons on new products and strains.


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