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The Emerald Cup 2019 – Meet the Cannabis Vendors SGTV

Meet the cannabis vendors of the fifteenth edition of The Emerald Cup and check out their quality flower and rosin products. This year’s event delivered all we expected – hundreds of options to purchase fine California marijuana, alongside workshops and music.

The Emerald Cup is Northern California’s premier cannabis destination, known for its emphasis on sustainability and outdoor farming. Cannabis education and entertainment at its finest.

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4 replies on “The Emerald Cup 2019 – Meet the Cannabis Vendors SGTV”

How did you not interview lithouse from mendocino? Their booth was all straight insane AAA nugs. I would say Poseidon Eatate at 13:41 is close (slurricane is the real under hyped badass new cut, runtz and the garlic gmo cookies, also very hyped). Just the best stuff on the planet, hands down. I went by every booth more than twice Lit_House and HSO seeds aka humboldt seed org booths really stood out

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