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🔴LIVE #Regenerative Hemp, Femenized Seed, Cannabis Genomics #DemPure Education #JoshuaSteensland

Hello I am Tara Lee, I would like to Welcome you to my channel, I am hoping to provide the Cannabis community with FREE & most update education by bring science & Nature together in Harmony 🙏❤🌎🌿

DragonFly Earth Medicine-Josh & Kel
Joshua Steensland
Kevin Mckernan
Matt/ 710 Canuck
JR Tokin

Regenerative Hemp, Femenized Seed, Cannabis Genomics, #DemPureEducation #MicroBiome #Longevity # TaraLeeLive


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Hi! Did you know that 90% of French home growers use feminised seeds because we have less space I guess and because it is convenient for people who never make seeds…! I use feminised seeds since a decade…is there any studies on regular and feminised strains who compare both??? I wish someone will do it asap just to confirm there is a difference and how feminised weed is different???
I believe that commercial growers use regular seeds to make clones as cloning fem is not recommended due to hermaphrodites trait…so most of the weed you get in dispensary must be from regular!
Cannabis community on west coast is very developed and United…the real community I mean…and I am very jealous…here you just hide what you do and don't tell peoples about it…you living the dream!!!
Have a lifted one and lots of good vibes from France growers family

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