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Cannabis Super-Cropping: Kyle Kushman's "Chiropractic" Plant Training Method / Green Flower

Introducing his famous “chiropractic” technique, award-winning cannabis cultivator and breeder Kyle Kushman demonstrates the proper way to pinch, prune and “crack” your cannabis plants’ branches, nodes and stems to increase canopy and yield.

Also in this comprehensive look at how to “supercrop,” trim and train your cannabis, Kyle will show you step-by-step, what to clip, how much and when.

But wait… there’s more! Don’t throw away your trimmings. Kyle will show you what to do with the leftover cannabis clippings and leaves, from creating clones to juicing.

To learn even more in-depth expert cannabis cultivation tips and techniques, directly from respected names like Kyle Kushman, Kevin Jodrey, Mel Frank and more, check out Green Flower’s latest Cannabis Cultivation Certificate Course, now open for a limited time at


30 replies on “Cannabis Super-Cropping: Kyle Kushman's "Chiropractic" Plant Training Method / Green Flower”

K2-manytthxss-gone on oh wise one-small plants/move around gr8 relationship to plants// more of future indoors personal – me so far only outdoors natural-more of watcher than tender of- yet 50percent lights can do-noted air circulation-and the branch question-outside they grow very fast due to uv increase now-noted 3 node law will try2apply interesting concept=ah before the bud begins to set/got it
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I did this method today on a couple bigger branches and that first noise scared the shit outta me😳🤦‍♂️, wasn't expecting that loud of a finger snap noise lol I was looking all around for the break nope perfectly fine😁🌳🔥👌😤💨💨💨💨💨

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