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This is guaranteed to work for all you outdoor and indoor Growers, I guarantee this… This will work for all genetics, and regardless of what you’re growing in…. Your biggest investment is going to be your time, and the return could be as much as double the weight!! I break down and explain this technique some Growers call low-stress training, or LST.

About me: I’m a state registered and licensed, law abiding, medical marijuana caregiver located in Colorado who grows for a lot of patients who consume a lot of marijuana.  I make videos daily covering strains as well as grow techniques I deploy at my facility.  Please do not copy what I do here if you’re not somewhere where you legally are allowed to do so.

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44 replies on “Marijuana Cannabis Grow Tip & Tricks – INCREASE YOUR YIELDS… A LOT, GUARANTEED!!! (NOT CLICKBAIT)”

If you do a cage around the base , you can stick the sticks into the cage , and you don't have to disturb the roots ………. Hey dude , you should design a new style of pot , with holes for sticks on the outside of the pot …… Just a thought …… Smoke on

Never understood how people still think growing is difficult I’ve worked with plants where the person I’m growing for poor monster energy into theirs and beat them up and still produce great shit

Love it.glad so many have taken up the rake n hoe.Old terms for,scrogging,low stress training are the way to go for some…look at this vid over and over. if you still cant get why hes doing it this way. you may have problems following in his footsteps. Great grow,your definitely dialed in to a trade worth billions.

You could accomplish a more even canopy with netting and a lot less work, material and not disturb the roots. I shy away from encouraging small bottom buds and prefer encouraging 4-5 leads for optimum wight and potency.
Outdoors I accomplish the same as you but use tie down method, lollipop and super crop.

let me get this right.. one plant opened up filling the space of two plants will get more weight than an unopened plant but not double weight. so why not grow two plants, filling the same space which equate's to double the weight. am i wrong? 😉

My largest years ever off a plant was off a strain called JAMAICAN PEARL and I did outdoors in southern Ontario in Canada and we got 4pounds dried off of 1 plant it was 13 feet tall and about 10feet wide it was a big purple beast I did it about 7 years ago so I have no video of it and it was something amazing to see I have grown larger plants but never got the yield I got from that 1 plant the same season one of are other strains was straight PURPLE KUSH AND 1 of the plants was only about a foot and a half tall but the diameter of it was 5 feet around right after we harvested it we kept it separate from all the other plants and it yielded 1 pound cured and dried that was ridiculous once we trimmed every single leaf of and trimmed it on the plant while still in the soil and let it go for another 2 weeks it was bonkers just like the JAMAICAN PEARL year which had some 3 and a 1/2 foot COLA'S on some that was a great year we planted 320 plants and never lost not even one of them to any bugs animals which would be hard considering I did it in my backyard you were able to see it on Google earth that was awesome adding to it I live in a city of 180,000 people and no police or people tried to get at it we had top notch security through a Canadian ABORIGINAL friend that slept outside in a tent with a 12 gauge semiautomatic shotgun needles to say we had it covered that was a very beautiful season that year and I had a few close friends that were also growers that couldn't believe it we had 320 plants dry yield was I believe almost a 1000lbs after paying security and all the clones and we also bought the mothers that year and let them flower even we made a ton of money still after all expenses but that was the last time I ever even thought of going that big in my back yard at my moms house it was like 16 years ago but now I live beside my cities main courthouse and across the street from the courthouse is the main police station so I was usually just doing 30 or so a year still never got caught and last summer I was arrested and did 9 months in prison but when the pigs came to my spot with a warrant for my arrest on some other shit they came and knocked on my back door it was 1am so it was dark but somehow they knocked on my backdoor and 15 feet away there were 17 big ass plants that were coming in the next day but somehow they never even asked about them for it but now I stick to the law I have done enough jail time in my life I don't need more so if I stick within the law which is 4 plants per household and I can carry 30grams on me at all time but have 10,000 pounds at home just as long as you dont sell it that's just 1 of the many great things I love about living in this beautiful country is legal recreational use of cannabis on a federal legal it's like cigarettes you got to be 19 to buy it but that is a joke and you can walk down the street and smoke just think about it you can't drink outside a bar unless you're at home its great I love CANADA not just because of that it's also the most beautiful place with the most BEAUTIFUL WOMAN and the most BEAUTIFUL CANNABIS in the entire world so come to Canada for everything in its entirety PLUS THE CANNABIS AND THE WOMEN just stay out of certain places it's just like the USA u can get killed just for being in the wrong hood or wearing the wrong colors or knowing the wrong person especially in TORONTO, MONTREAL, WINNIPEG, REGINA,OTTAWA, MISSISSAUGA,HALIFAX OR VANCOUVER OR A VAST MAJORITY OF NATIVE RESERVATION THEY DON'T LIKE AMERICANS

This is a HUGE grow room. You ever thought about building a wooden frame that you can freely move through. Then have the stakes connected to the frame to prevent the roots from taking any potential damage. 🤔 note to self.

Deeper growing beds with tomato cages, stakes and ties, pinching back every third node in veg stage has produced the best plants for me. Over the decades Ive found working with smaller plants 5×6’ produce the sweetest, stickiest colas, when defoliation of all bottom growth and low stress training —bending back the branches daily. Thanks for sharing your growing tips and techniques. Lastly we always should wear gloves.

I stake and tie outside the plant..bends and protects against wind..outside growers do this.. and I grow 5-7 lb bud yield..trees actually..last 4 weeks add sugars..5gal water..per 50sq.ft..1tbl spoon honey.. per gal

Major omission: better airflow through canopy allows photosynthesis and respiration. Also reduces micro climates within the canopy- ie high humidity where there is less airflow to remove transpired water.

Large tomato cage works better if positioned early in cycle….. stabbing through the rootzone with a dozen stakes during bloom is going to cause stress and divert energy from meristems to root repair/ regrowth.

New grower here, have my 1st plant in an outdoor grow with 25ish % orange hairs. Thanks for all the great info, I just found your channel. Great info on spreading open the canopy, i wish i would've watched this 2 months ago! Thanks bro

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