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Careers in Cannabis: Exploring Work in the Fastest Growing Industry in the U.S.

Webinar Presenter: Rob Mejia (C’84)

Webinar Description: Do you want to be part of a budding industry? Job opportunities in the cannabis field are exploding, and it is estimated that the industry will employ 375,00 full time workers by 2022, indicating a job growth rate of 22% per year.

In 2011, the cannabis market produced 1 billion dollars in revenue, and is projected to generate between 7 and 9 billion dollars this year. Colorado alone reached a milestone this year, producing 1 billion dollars in cannabis tax revenue to date.

Now that cannabis is medically legal in 33 states plus the District of Columbia and legal for Adult Use in 11 states plus the District of Colombia, the market of “canna-careers” is booming, creating opportunities in graphic design, insurance, hospitality, investment, education, social media, bookkeeping and accounting, legal services and more.

Join this webinar to learn from Rob Mejia (C’84), CEO, Our Community Harvest: A Cannabis Education Company, about the cannabis job market, the status of cannabis in America, what qualifications and experience are useful, and how to get started working in this booming industry.


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