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Cannabis Education with Nugzly – Episode 2: Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)

Hi all👋 In this video we are talking about Rick Simpson Oil or RSO. This is full spectrum extracted cannabis oil that has helped many, many people with many different ailments. Please go and watch Run From The Cure available on YouTube, or just simply search Rick Simpson Oil. I am in no way a medical professional at all but the evidence and personal stories and experiences are overwhelming☺️Please comment and give feedback or your own personal experience with Rick Simpson Oil. Thank you for watching. Hope that you have an awesome and positive day☺️✌️


One reply on “Cannabis Education with Nugzly – Episode 2: Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)”

Sweet review FaM!!!! Much luv from ur neighbor's… I wasn't aware about the dream suppressant wish I would have known this sooner lol!!!! Thanks for the heads up, great info wonderful video brudda
Cheers n God bless

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