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Cannabis and Hemp Home Grow Training Program in San Diego California with Green Carpet Growing

Learn how to grow cannabis and hemp at home with our Cannabis and Hemp Training Program in San Diego, California. You’ll get an experiential education with our 20 hour training program that teaches and empowers you to set-up, maintain and optimize a home grow. Located at our personal gardens, the Green Carpet Growing “labs” are the perfect place for beginners to learn, practice and get prepared for successful hemp and cannabis cultivation at home.

Nothing compares to the hands-on gardening activities we offer and the personal instruction we provide. You’ll not only learn how to grow in soil, you’ll also learn hydroponics and aquaponics. You can also expect to learn the in’s and out’s of organic gardening methods, grow lights, grow tents, fans, watering, feeding, grow rooms, organic pest prevention, organic pest control, maximizing your yields, and everything else beginners need to know in order to succeed growing at home.

Every participant also gets a grow guide and the opportunity to ask all their questions while they practice cultivation techniques and get a hands-on education. If you are new to growing or need help, sign up today or anytime of the year.


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