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Cannabis Education After Michigan Marijuana Recreational Legalization (What YOU Should Know)

This is an educational overview by Holistic Physical Therapist, Dr. Shony on the Cannabis plant, the differences of cannabis Sativa and Indica, the difference of CBD and THC, the entourage effect, and the different types of administration of cannabis including oral, inhalation, and topical dosage (Due to the recent recreational legalization in Michigan of the Cannabis plant). The SLR Method has developed a proprietary cannabis cocktail of a 3 way administration method of decompressing the spine to allow for proper realignment.

*I’m continuing to improve my speaking skills and you’ll notice I say molecule when i meant to say cannabis, etc.
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The SLR Method is a proprietary method of healing created by Dr. Shony Reuven (Holistic Physical Therapist) aimed at eliminating physical, spiritual, and emotional suffering. After years of abusing his body with falls from action sports and living an active lifestyle, he was able to correct his spine and put himself back into alignment with years of experimentation with progressive healing methodologies. His symptoms included: numbness, tingling, and nerve pain in the toes, tingling into the testicles, sharp pains in the groin, inability to stand for long periods of time. This was all caused by too much compression of the spine due to Shony’s L5-S1 Grade 1-2 Spondylolisthesis. Follow along for this exciting journey as it helps lives all across the planet.

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