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#56 Dude Grows Show Growing Marijuana

Grow some Marijuana People! Dude Grows and Scotty Real for the 56th time hanging out and talking grow. Plenty of grow talk about CO2 enrichment, few questions on Nectar For The Gods nutrients, SOG grow techniques, proper marijuana drying techniques, best carbon filters and much more!


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Scotty, when it comes to germinating seeds I'd just put a seed 1/4" deep in a small pot with your coco. Put a piece of Saran Wrap over the top of the pot to seal in the moisture preventing the coco surface from drying out. When the seed pops, pull off the plastic wrap and ride out.

this show Rocks man, Heres my question for the microbe master; Ive been using my own brood compost tea now for almost a year. had great success during the summer so I made a bunch of it and stored it in 4L jugs so I could use it in the winter months. when I use it I usually mix it around 5/1 5part water 1part compost tea, ill then add a little bit of molasses and then oxygenate the water for 24hrs before using it to get the microbes active. So far ive been having Awesome success BUT now ive heard that you cant bottle up your compost tea it just kills all the microbes and im wasting my time? from the results im seeing and using the compost tea from summer and Only that everything looks bomb so is the microbes dieing once bottles up true or false? or am I just bringing them back to like with the molasses and oxygenation for 24hrs? 
Great Show bros cheers

Hey guys, love the show. Been a listener since the shows teens and it just gets better and better, I'm always blazing a bowl with you guys every time I listen. Two things; first, I want to try out the recharge and was wondering how I could get one of those sweet 8 oz samples I keep hearing about? Next, I grow a small setup with two tents in my garage and a system of fans, one pulling heated/filtered air from my veg tent to my flower tent which lately has only been able to maintain a temp of around 60, and one filtering the exhaust into my attic and out a vent. I just switched nutrients from gh flora nova one part (which I had success with regarding quality but had issues with yield and overfeeding), to New Millennium's full nine part schedule. I made the switch about two weeks into flower and started my new cuttings from week one and have already seen a crazy improvement over flora nova in both veg and flower. By my estimate the buds are the same size approximately 4 weeks earlier than with the gh nova, and my veg is so vigorous it is the same size at week three as the nova got in about five weeks. My questions: what do you know about New Millennium and do you think it already contains some of the beneficials contained in recharge? Also do you think they are compatible? If you aren't familiar with New Millennium you can get with the guys at Chlorophyll in Denver, I believe they are partners in some form or fashion.

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